Evan Ishmael is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In his vast body of work, Evan explores the unique and idiosyncratic medium of flame to compose hauntingly beautiful visuals on canvas, wood and glass. The residue that's left behind creates formations in soot that conjure images of otherworldly landscapes. In attempt to harness the unbridled nature of soot as a medium, Evan experiments with form by manipulating the edges of his compositions and introducing blocks of color.

Evan says of his process, "My work has always centered around the exploration of form. What started as an attempt to explore a new medium has evolved into a fascination with larger, more complicated compositions. I begin each piece by envisioning myself building an organic object—sometimes a towering form, other times delicate or minimal ones. I continue to push my own limits with size as well as content; constantly pushing the boundaries with an intensively restrictive medium. My goal is for the piece to entirely encompass the person interacting with it, and I want for the viewer to imagine the work perpetually expanding into space beyond the canvas in front of them."


 All images ©2019 Evan Ishmael